WMI Medicine Training

Katie showing us a leg splint

This weekend we had our annual Wilderness First Aid course put on by NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute.  It is such a great weekend we do every year.  This year we had about twenty people go through the WFA course, some for the first time and some for the 8th time.  Every time we do this course I feel more and more confident about my skills in wilderness medicine.  Aaron and Catherine Banks shared with us their story of how they used their WFA skills in a car accident they had earlier this year.  It truly was amazing to hear how Aaron snapped into rescue mode, while being trapped in his car, stabilized his wife’s spine and ultimately is the reason that she is walking today.  My version of the story won’t do them justice so we’ll need to get them to do a guest post on it soon.

Besides the sweet medical training it was so good to reconnect with like-minded guides from all over the state of Colorado.  Sharing vision and prayer for this summer’s trips is always a hightlight for me.  I love hearing their dreams and seeing the sacrifices these folks are making to reach kids for the Gospel.  It’s encouraging to see so many people believing that one of the best ways to build a relationship with a young person is go on a week-long journey in the wilderness with them.

I’ve got to give a big shout out to our rock star instructors Katie Chambless and Kelly Pyke.  You guys were great!  If anyone needs wilderness first aid check out NOLS we highly recommend their courses and make sure you request Katie and Kelly!

Here is a short video of our CPR session… in sync to the retro song “Stayin’ Alive.” Yeah baby!

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