Greg Fuchs, Youth Pastor/Mile High Ministries, Denver

“The trail helped me understand that my relationship with God will be more about the journey then the end result. What God is doing is more important then finishing!”

Rickelle Hicks, Young Life Staff & RMR Backcountry Guide

“Being on the trail created raw space for God to work in me and the girls that I guided like nothing else has. I was face to face with myself and face to face with the wildness and adventure of Jesus. The climb doesn’t just teach you, it changes you and makes you into more; it forces you to move.  I was honored to watch transformation not only in myself, but also within the lives of dozens of teenagers.”

Cara Maiolo, RMR Backcountry Guide

“One of my favorite things about the trail is the community it brings. Defenses come down. Barriers are breached. Authentic relationship is possible. Once you get a taste of that, reality changes. Your expectations are higher. Desire comes alive. In this post-modern culture, often marked by isolation and loneliness, the community formed on a backpacking trip meets the core hunger of both teens and adults today.”

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